Addiction Treatment

A wide range of therapies available.

Addiction Treatment

Build a strong foundation for lifelong recovery in an addiction treatment program that honors your individuality with personalized care, a private and luxurious setting, and a wide range of traditional and complementary therapies.

Family Programs

Helping families become one again

Family Programs

Our services range from a la carte wellness and counseling services to a full structured and supportive program. We offer an assessment at no cost to you to help identify which services will best meet your specific needs.

Individualized Treatment

We believe everyone deserves dignity.

Individualized Treatment

Addiction, recovery and treatment are experienced differently by each person. Therefore, it makes sense that treatment plans for our clients are individualized to ensure you and your counselor are focusing on things that will help you as quickly as possible.

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Why Choose Us

      • Individualized Outpatient treatment plan
      • Accountability and support programs
      • Relapse prevention tools
      • Life skills for goal setting
      • Assists in locating resources
      • Three Convenient locations


We are committed to providing confidential services with care, dignity, and respect for all clients’ rights. We offer support for individuals, families, professionals, and community members while providing an opportunity for participation in a safe, secure, and comfortable environment.


Our beliefs at Alpha Recovery Centre for substance abuse and mental health treatment are based on the idea that everyone deserves the dignity and respect inherit to all individuals.


The philosophy of Alpha Recovery Centre is based on the firm belief that individuals who abuse alcohol or drugs can make meaningful changes in order to lead a drug-free and productive life.